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welcome to Trip of the Island of Princesses

Price is 120 Turkish lira

The Princess Islands are a combination of nine islands off the Asian coast of Istanbul, in the Sea of Marmara. Regular or fast passenger ferries operate to the four of these islands from different parts of the city

Motorists are not permitted on the islands except the ones belonging to the local municipality for public works, therefore you have to walk or rent a bicycle or horse-drawn carriag, even a donkey. Many local people in Istanbul own or rent their summer houses, or just go there at the weekends for swimming in the tiny beaches and for picnicking.

These four islands are called in general as Adalar (Islands) in Turkish and their names are; Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, and Kinaliada. 

Buyukada is the largest and the most popular of Princess Islands, having an area of 5,4 square kilometers and a population of 7.500 approximately, which goes up to 10-15 times more in the summer. You will cruise on the Marmara sea to this Island.

Tour on with riding on a horse carriage to trip around the island before lunch time.

Afternoon free time for possible activities in the island , possible to see pine wood trees, nice summer houses and popular beaches.

Tegmon Company offered you Princess’s Island Full Day Tour schedule;

From Taksem at 08:30

From Aksaray – Yousefpasha – Fendik Zada at 08:00

From Lalali – Bayzeed – at 08:00

From Sultan Ahmed – Sirkaji – at 08:00

Tour includes:

-All transportation 


– Horse-drawn carriag

-Professional Tour Guide

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