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Price is 90 Turkish lira

Enjoy an adventurous day outside of Istanbul, you should visit Sapanca – is a town and cute county with its green forests, wonderful lake, silent and peacful villages, district in the Sakarya Province in the Marmara region of Turkey near Lake Sapanca.

Istanbul to Sapanca aprox 125 km and 1,5 hours. Sapanca lake with it’s nature beauty, also you can take a lunch in one of their restaurants over the lake. We visit Masukiye.

 You can visit Kartepe also. Sapanca to Kartepe aprox 25 km and 30 minutes. In the summer season, it is preferred to cool off and walk in beautiful nature. In winter season, it is the most preferred place to ski.

Tegmon Company offered you Sapanca Full Day Tour schedule;

From Taksem at 08:30

From Aksaray – Yousefpasha – Fendik Zada at 08:00

From Sultan Ahmed – Sirkaji – at 08:00

Tour includes:



-Professional Tour Guide

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