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welcome to Sheila and Agua Black Sea

Price is 120 Turkish lira

It’s time to forget yourself, it’s time to get lost in nature.

Shile has been a fishing village here since 700 BC and a lighthouse since the Otoman period. Today, it is a beach resort, popular with people who want a resort atmosphere without having to g oto the expense of travelling to the Mediteranean Sea. The 150 years old Shile lighthouse is the largest one in Turkey and second largest one of the world a definite must seen.

Once we left Shile back and head to Agva, you pass through the traditional Black Sea villages where you feel yourself far away from the crowd of Istanbul. The picturesque way along these villages reaches soon to Agva which means ‘the land between two rivers’.

Agva is another important spot of the Black Sea coasline, a world paradise in which nature shows all its talents. Upon arrival you will have a boat ride down the Goksu River while your lunch is going to be prepared on a nice river side restaurant.

After the lunch you may either relax along the river or freshen up on one of the most exciting   beach of whole Turkey where the pine trees meet crystal clear waterof the Black Sea.

Tegmon Company offered you Shile and Agva Full Day Tour schedule;

From Taksem at 08:30

From Aksaray – Yousefpasha – Fendik Zada at 08:00

From Lalali – Bayzeed – at 08:00

From Sultan Ahmed – Sirkaji – at 08:00

Tour includes:

  • All transportation 
  • Lunch       
  • Boat ride
  • Professional Tour Guide

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