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From our company, just with ours, Charming village daily tour – Full day tour….

This “charming village” area comprises Istanbul and the entire European portion of Turkey or the north west corner of the country. Outside of Istanbul, Trakya has some remarkably diverse landscape with forests and lakes along the Black Sea, stunning beaches around the area and vast brown wheat fields swarming over the rolling hills.

Trakya is so close to Istanbul, it has some areas of surprising natural beauty, unspoilt beaches, green forests, quiet lakes and forgotten ruins.

Trakya is also where the frontiers with Greece and Bulgaria are, and if you are crossing through to or from these countries you will have to pass through Trakya.

Our tour to this charming village will start in the morning from accurate point directly to this village to enjoy by all these natural views in addition to some kind of outdoor games for kids, and you can swimming there.

After that, lunch time will start in the most amazing restaurant there, then, boat-ride through the river which is surrounded by a lot of green trees and natural views.

Tour includes:

  • Transportation 
  • Lunch       
  • Boat ride
  • Entrance fee to the beach
  • Professional Tour Guide

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