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Our story

“Tegmon” is a Travel and Tourism Company based in Turkey – Istanbul, with our knowledge and experience in the Turkish travel, tourism and medical market, and our deep understanding of the orientations and desires of the tourist and our dear valued guests, we have started to offer all daily tour, tourism and medical services to provide the highest quality services through our continuous search of the best tours and which is suitable for all needs, that are compatible with all budgets.

Our mission at “Tegmon” is to adhere to the highest standards of Professional services and provide accurate information to all of our clients to guide them to the best daily tours at the lowest costs, and to accompany them to achieve their goals.

Turkey is our path of growth and development, to increase the number of tourists coming to Turkey and to introduce the presentation of this country, the cultural heritage, the historical heritage to the whole world, increasing trade volume and to show Turkish hospitality to the whole world.

All guests who come to visit Turkey and holidays, are being favored by the firms and trust.

We “Tegmon” are innovative in thinking, to put in your hands offers of tourism and medical servcies suitable to your needs. We offer our clients all these services from the moment they contact us until they will back to their countries.

Our experienced team is available to help you with all the procedures needed to get the best trip and holiday here and our ultimate goal is to provide high-quality services to satisfy our dear guests and help them to reach their desired goals.

Where we move the client from the place of residence and departure to the tourist places

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